How To Use Vacuum Cleaner?


Cleaning house was has always been a tough task for everyone and it took hours for a person to do it and it used a lot of energy too. We are blessed with one such machine that is a time saver and convenient to use, which does much better cleaning than a human and which replaces all those things required to do the cleaning. We call it Vacuum Cleaner.

Shark Navigator Review: It Does Splendid Work At An Affordable Price, Find Out
Shark Navigator Review: It Does Splendid Work At An Affordable Price, Find Out

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is a helping hand for that every person who is obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene. It is designed in such a way which makes it capable enough for the suction of the particles which are not even visible to our naked eyes. There are millions of consumers of vacuum cleaners around the world and still growing.

New Users Of Vacuum Cleaner

For the people who have never used and worked with a vacuum cleaner, it becomes a bit difficult to start with it. As we said “there are millions of vacuum cleaner customers and still growing” there are people who have just bought the vacuum cleaner and are seeking guidance to use it. Here we are to help you and guide you on how to use a vacuum cleaner.

  1. First thing that you must do after bringing your vacuum cleaner out of shelf is to check the bag attached to it. If it is filled, clean it and then use it. If it is not reusable then replace it.
  2. Never leave your reusable bag/container filled with dust. It should be checked more often to avoid loss of suction.
  3. Know the height of the vacuum cleaner. Many vacuum cleaners have traceable indicators for carpets based upon the degree of length of carpet. Make sure it is set neither too high nor too low in regard to the grid of your carpet. If the height of the intake port of vacuum cleaner is too high or too low, it will not be able to work efficiently.
  4. The vacuum cleaner will suck all the particles which come near the suction area. Therefore, move all the small items away or keep it aside, which you don’t wish to get in contact with vacuum cleaner while suction.
  5. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and move it slowly forward and backward allowing it to perform its work efficiently. Moving vacuum cleaner faster and thinking that the work will finish early is not a good idea at all. It will not be able to do proper cleaning if moved very fast.
  6. Most vacuum cleaners come with different types of attachments. Use the different attachments to clean in the small place left below the furniture or on the corner of the walls to avoid the dust to become airborne again.


You must know about your vacuum cleaner and must read about how it works to understand better. We don’t want you to get tangled in the vacuum cleaner wire and fall on the floor and breaking the furniture and glass tables. So we would strongly suggest you to read all the safety guidelines thoroughly before following the usage instructions mentioned above to avoid any kind of mishappening.



Magic Bullet NBR-1201 NutriBullet Hi-Speed Blender And Mixer System

Magic Bullet NBR-1201 NutriBullet Hi-Speed Blender And Mixer System
Magic Bullet NBR-1201 NutriBullet Hi-Speed Blender And Mixer System
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
  • Reviews: 4, 792 customer reviews
  • Price: $74.00 (save 18% or $15.99)
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The Magic Bullet NBR-1201 NutriBullet Hi-Speed Blender And Mixer System is an innovative 12-piece nutrient extractor consisting with many useful and fun accessories. Examples of which are interchangeable blades and cups. With this blender, you can do whatever you want from grinding, shredding, blending, and chopping any ingredient that you desire.

Is the Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-piece high-speed blender/mix easy to use?

With a 600-watt motor, this kitchen machine is powerful enough to pulverize even the hardest ingredients. So you don’t have to be surprised that you can greatly notice the ease in operating. True in its essence, this model is very easy to use. Thanks to its push and twist interface that makes the convenience of use possible.

How popular is this Magic Bullet NutriBullet?

With over 3000 customer reviews, this model receives an average of 4 out of 5 stars in its Amazon reviews. Based on this fact, one can clearly conclude that this product has made thousands of satisfied consumers, being able to deliver what they want.

Is it easy to clean this nutrition extractor?

Yes, this kitchen machine is very easy to clean. All detachable parts can be placed on top of your dishwasher. After putting them all together, you are good to go!

Is it affordable?

Frankly speaking, this product is not the cheapest in the market. However, basing in its performance and overall functionality, this product can deliver more than what you pay for. Besides, this model is not the most expensive one either.

Purchasing this product is having a mid-range model with the ability of a high-end one. This makes the price tag a sensible one. Added perks include being able to buy from a trusted brand.

Where can I buy this?

The most trusted online retailer is It is important to purchase only at reputable retailers to ensure original and authentic NutriBullet products with a secured warranty.

Is the product right for you?

Undeniably, the Magic Bullet NBR-1201 NutriBullet Hi-Speed Blender And Mixer System could be the best addition to your kitchen counter top! With its modern design, it can easily catch anyone’s eyes. Aside from making your kitchen more wonderful, you also get yourself a versatile product that can assist you in your daily needs.

If a lot of people love this product, it is safe to claim that you would also like this too. With the right price range, attractive design, and impressive performance, you will not be disappointed by this product.